Friday, October 26, 2012

I Made It!!!

Have you ever seen a recipe and thought ... Wow! That sounds soooo good? Well I saw a recipe on the corn meal bag for some Onion Topped Corn Pudding. To me, it sounded good at the time. So I go rush out and buy all the other ingredients so I could make this yummy sounding side dish ;-)
I mixed it all up thinking how delicious it would be. Well to our disappointment, it was awful!!! I mean really bad. What I want to know is ... #1) Who actually tested this? #2) Who thought it tasted good? I know y'all are probably laughing right now but when I tell you it was bad, it was terri-BULL!!
Do you ever have a taste for something, and you get your mouth all turned up to taste it ... and when you finally get it, it wasn't anything like you expected? Maybe we shouldn't have such high expectations. Sometimes when I was a child I would get my hopes up about something and most always get disappointed because things didn't happen the way I wanted them to. Enjoy your weekend!

Later taters!