Friday, May 10, 2013

GAS Attitude?

Do you have a GAS attitude? Do you really care about things that are going on around you? My co-worker and I talked about how some people just don't GAS!! If you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about is that some people just don't "Give A Sh** (or a squat!) Should they take "Beano"?

My job is customer service in a utility billing office. Earlier this week we had to disconnect a resident for non-payment. This person cussed worse than a sailor! She demanded that the electricity be turned on immediately. She really didn't care what words were spewing out of her mouth. She told me her mother was sitting right beside her. I thought to myself what the heck?? Sad situation, but true.

Today I had to move my car at work because the guys were cutting the grass. Ok, so as I am moving the car they continue to do the "weed-eater"!! GEEZ LOUISE!!! Can't you see me moving my car like you asked? All I hear is little pebbles hitting the car!! The car recently had hail damage and I just got it back from the shop so it looks like brand new! So here we go again ... the "I don't GAS" attitude in full force.
Take time to care about others and respect their space. The good news is God woke my family up today and woke you up so you could read this. There are so many people hurting in this world. Hoping you all have a great day. Thanks for stopping by!
Peace out,